DRINKS (served all day from opening to closing)

Filter coffee 38/42

Espresso 28/30

Nosiette 30/32

Allongé 30

Crème 40

Latte 45

Flat white 42

Cortado 35

Iced latte 44

Tea: white, green, black, herbal 40

Chocolat Chaud, + cream? 48

Beetroot latte 48

Golden Chai (hot or cold) 48

Matcha latte (hot or cold) 52

Smoothies 58

Cacao, banana, peanut butter, sea salt, vanilla, oat milk

Drottning- strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, vanilla, dates, sea salt, banana, oat milk

Mangolassi- mango, cardamom, sea salt, agave syrup, oat milk, soy yoghurt

Strawberries, banana, coconut milk, vanilla, oat milk
+ peanut butter/almond butter 10 

Lo's lemonade 40

Basil- och matcha lemonade 52

Freshly squeezed orange juice 44

Pineapple & mint slush 52

Iced mocha  52

Coca cola, zero or regular 35

Sparkling water 35

Real raspberry soda or elderflower soda 48

Lo x Kvarterets kombucha with pink grapefruit och rosemary 52

PASTRIES (see todays supply on the counter)

Croissant 44 (+ chocolate cream or cream cheese & marmalade 15 kr)

Croissant aux amandes (almond croissant) on Fridays 52

Matcha cookie 35

Chocolate roll cake 50

Sablé 30

Carrot cake 50

Banana cake with dark chocolate 48

Lemon cake with black berries 48

Brownie with pecan nuts, + cream? 50

ALL DAY (served all day from opening until 30 minutes before closing)

Small baguette (cream cheese + greens) 44 

+ coffee/tea of your choice 70  OR + coffee/tea of your choice and freshly squeezed orange juice 100

Toasted levain bread, cream cheese with pickled jalapeno, avocado, hemp seeds, coriander, lemon 110

Turkish yoghurt, almond and hazelnut granola, mango, grapes, lemon balm 95

Small Turkish yoghurt, raspberry cream, melon, crunchy seeds, oxalis 68

Frozen bananyoghurt, peanut butter granola, fresh berries and peanut butter sauce 110

Small melon and orange sallad with fresh mint and lime  58

Mannafrutt-ish: cold and fluffy semolina porridge, strawberry and rhubarb compote, roasted almonds, oat milk, cardamom, oxalis  90

LUNCH (served only on weekdays 11.00-15.00)

Asian sallad- red quinoa, lots of colourful greens, sugar snaps, lime and chili marinated tempeh, soy dressing, wasabi peas, coriander 135

Greek sallad- watermelon, cucumber, beef tomato, greek "cheese", red onion, oregano, pumpkin seeds, sumac, vinaigrette, kalamata and halkidiki olives, toasted bread  135

À la Lox bagel- capers spread, smoked carrot, red onion, pickled fennel and dill, lemon  85

Gazpacho- changes weekly, see instagram for info 80

Summer roll- rice paper roll, crispy greens, tofu, umami mayo, soy dressing on the side 55

Gazpacho + summer roll 125

WEEKEND BRUNCH (served only on weekends 9-15)

Pain perdu (French toast), covered in sugar and cinnamon, whipped "ricotta", blueberries, banana, hazelnuts and maple syrup 140

Toast à la Lo- toasted levain bread, scrambled tofu, roasted mushrooms and tomatoes, Greek style cheese-cream and parsley 145

 Brunch plate- scrambled tofu, baked tomato & mushrooms, avocado, vegan sausage, toasted levain bread, sauces on the side 155